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When did we become the United States of the World?

When did non-citizens, illegal or not, acquire rights guaranteed by our Constitution? Answer, they never have!!!

So how can some elected officials contend illegals have rights similar or equal to those of American citizens? The answer: Elected officials who subscribe to that belief are in violation of their oath of office and THEY should be impeached. These no-accounts are guilty of misuse of funds to aid illegals; unbecoming conduct and abuse of authority.

An inordinate amount of money collected by our government is disbursed in support of illegal immigrants estimated to be close to $15,000, 000,000 annually. Is there any wonder that the national debt continues to soar?

The whiners are taking every opportunity to feed the press (the fourth estate) with emotional appeals that would lead us to believe that those who condemn the actions of the DHS at the border are heartless, uncaring people. A recent Eugene Robinson op-ed that states children were effectively kidnapped by the Trump administration goes on to make all sorts of emotional appeals, e.g., “the cruel incompetence at a court hearing; the xenophobic cultural warriors in the administration” … “might have your children taken away and never see them again”; “it is monstrous to inflict such. In a word, “torture.”

Robinson goes on to write that he wonders whether Trump and his minions see these Central Americans — brown-skinned with indigenous features — as fully human. WHAT????

The so-called fourth estate is taking the bait, hook, line and sinker, and by so doing, our country is experiencing unfathomable damage to the psychological health of our GREAT nation. How do they do that you may ask? Answer: By echoing the mouthings of those who make these utterances, their efforts exacerbate unrest and increase the divide that already exists.

Could it be that the press is colluding with the forces opposed to Trump in order to impact on the forthcoming midterm elections? Isn’t this akin to the charges made about Russia colluding with the 2016 election?

Isn’t it past time that we should remember the adage “United we stand, divided we fall?” If you don’t believe America is the most generous nation in the world, if you don’t believe that opportunity is available for everyone, if you don’t believe in conducting yourself honorably, you are failing to contribute to America’s innate strength.

Jay Pearson of Orangeburg is a retired U.S. Air Force lieutenant colonel.

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