Paul Ryan: Good Riddance To A Narcissistic Psychopath


Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan announced on Wednesday he’s leaving Congress and will not seek reelection in 2019. As a decent American, his decision is welcome news to me because it means a horrible human being will be removed from power. And reflectively, it’s important to view him through the characteristics of his humanity to better understand his politics and the damage they’ve done.

Elizabeth Mika, one of the authors of the best-selling book, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, penned an illuminating article on medium titled: “The Unbearable Lightness Being a Narcissist” to help readers understand narcissism. As Mika points out in her piece, narcissism is pathological, complex and often interfaces with antisocial characteristics: “In its extreme form, which is what we’ll talk about here, narcissism acquires antisocial (psychopathic) features. This is because one of the most important aspects affected by narcissism is a conscience, that inner organ of right and wrong. The main components of our conscience are empathy, guilt, shame, critical self-reflection, and awareness of higher values (love, compassion, care, altruism, honesty, beauty, truth, justice). We must focus on the narcissist’s defective conscience, as this is the facet of narcissism that’s most problematic, for him but even more so for others.”

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